Wednesday, August 13, 2014


No trading. However SYSTEM 3 is defined.

Basically it is a breakout system looking back to the 50 period 60 Min High Lows.

Below are the aspects of the System 3 which is backtested for the data available:

Signal:When new 50 period high/low happens
Confirmation:And next candle confirms with a higher high or lower low
And the close of the confirmation candle has to be higher/ lower than the close of the breaking candle.

Main  Level : is the high/low level before the new breaking high or low.
2. Also if the a new 50 period high(in case we are short) / low (in case we are long ) is made and  main stop is not triggered
3.if exit 1 exit 2 happens, exit 3 stop moved to entry level


Exit 1 : 0,8% Points
Exit 2 :  1,5% Points
Exit 3: Till stopped (worst at entry level)

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