Tuesday, February 3, 2015

03/02/2015 update

Halliburton gap opened 4% around 43 thus waited for 5 min ma50 to exit the last unit  with loss of 40 euros.

My stop level was 41.8.
Below is the chart showing day ma50 is violated.
Realized results are below:

DSM the stop level set,however the market has found resistance so far and the brake has not been confirmed.Already reduced the position and watching it close to exit.

And of course oil. What a move after the close.
Somehow the chart has changed.The previous chart showed 50 day MA at 51.76 and not it sits at 53.5

I was going to show a clear break of the day ma50.The chart before the trade looked like below.
There is something not nice about this. 

With the current chart it looks like a nice trade to sell around 53.5 Well since the market I trade Crude is closed at 19.30 I do hope for a very weak open tomorrow for a better get out.

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