Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gold exit 1 around 1223.

I am refining the strategy as below:

First: Identify the trend  (at least 5h ) with direction of the 50 periond moving average showing the same direction and MA20 above MA 50 for up trend.

Second: The DAY MACD has to be on the side of the trend. Positive and not overbought for the uptrendd, negative and not oversold for downtrend.

Third: 5h MACD should not be Overbought for long trades, not Oversold for short trades.

Enter with 60 min MACD breaks form OS/OB levels to the direction of the trend.

Also If Day MACD and 5h MACD is on the same direction and not Overbought or Oversold enter trade when 30 min Macd is on the side of the trade around 60 min bollinger band.Not necessary to wait for 60 min MACD

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