Saturday, March 21, 2015

21/03/2015 Trading Improvements

The problem is that most of the times, the Market moves in the direction of the trade but fails to hit the initial target around 60 min MA50 turns back and the stop is hit before the breakeven unit is exited.

Following rules will improve the performance. If the trade does not work, it is better to exit early  and look for another opportunity.

1.  5h and day trend have to be in the same direction.If the week trend is also in the same direction perfect.

2.There has to be a candle formation for the continuaton on the support at least for 5h MA50/day MA20 and if not day MA50.

3.5h MACD has to be not overbought or oversold.

4. Daily Bollinger bands have to point in the direction of the trade. Not flat, and surely not counter trend direction.

5.60 min MACD has to be turning positive thus the distance between the MA26 and MA12 is getting less and less.

6.30 min MACD turns positive.


1. 15 min MACD breaks against the trade / or the 60 min MA 50 target is hit. Exit half.
If 15 min MACD breaks against the trade without significant profit wait.

2. 30 min MACD breaks against the trade./ or the 60 min counter bollinger band is hit. Stop.

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