Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Update about the trading calls and fixing the setup.

The last 3 calls I made were:

1.Short BASF 87,8
2.Long Unibail 248,3
3.Long WTI  48,8

1st trade was profitable yesterday however turned nasty today.
2nd trade was weak in the open today but ended nicely.
3rd trade was weak all day long. And although in the setup I wrote the stop was at 47,5, my wti sprinter long has stop  level at 47,3.I was luckily not stopped.

However I realized that  I got carried away for findin trades every day in a squeezed European market with a long short balanced position.

I was looking for "critical highs" and " critical lows" which are against the active trend just to find some trades. Like BASF and Like Oil .

Now I will only focus on active trends and wont have to have long position against a short position.

Lets see.

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