Friday, March 18, 2011

18/03/2011 Market review

The Japanese earthquake , tsunami and finally nuclear problems were really shocking during the past week. I feel bad about trading on these events, and I hope they recover soon from this tradegy.

For the markets :
Below check the sp daily june future. It is trading around 1276. The low during the past week in the june future is 1241(index 1249). The market broke below 50 day Ma and found support around 20 week Ma(1268), which is below the spdaily graph.

daily sp june future

weekly sp INDEX

The resistance is 1295/1300 area which marks the region of 20 day and 50 day MA.
The strong supports are, 1220s the previous top, 50 week together with 200 week around 1180 and than the bull market support , 80 week MA around 1150 .

During the past month I made nice money with eurchf which was one of the safe havens during the panic.

Check eur chf weekly:

ALso silver broke up as I expected.It is a nice run so far, I am still long it, but when there is sell off in the equities, the precious metals are hammered too. So today I bought a turbo short aex index for a hedge in case of a disaster.

silver weekly:

Natural gas had a short term(maybe long term?) bottom, which was difficult because I got in around 3.75 and heavily at 3.93 , and then it fell back to 3.8 at some point but bounced back. Sold most of my position around 4.15, and hoping to short it around 4.5 , the very long term down trend.

Natural gas week:

I first lost on cotton short but then short it again around 220 and bought back 187 yesterday. Overall did not make or lose any money but a good experience to learn the market.

cotton day chart:

I lost some money on dax turbo longs as I got in the market around 50 day MAs(7100). Dax went down almost 15% from the high. Was really painful. But overall it was a good month.

dax june future daily:

Till next expiration, good luck !

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