Wednesday, July 30, 2014


DAX System 1 is still on.It is very close that exit 2 will be triggered for the counter long, the trade will be exited and Trend Trading opportunity will be waited.

Trade no 5 , System 2 short is corrected to 30 deltas to be in line with the real position.30 deltas will be kept till stopped.
Trade no 6, System 2 long exit 3 - 10 deltas -executed at 410,2, thus 30 deltas left till stopped.
Trade no 7, System 2 short initiated with 150 deltas at 409,9 and exit 1with 40 deltas executed at 408,2 around MA50 and exit 2 with 40 deltas executed at 407,2 around MA20. 70 deltas short left.

Chart is below is showing the entries and exits which are marked.
Trading results are below:

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