Wednesday, August 6, 2014


DAX might have a short term bottom now. A hammer formation on the daily chart.Still waiting for MA20.

AEX System 2 Trade 11 short 30 deltas initiated as yesterday got long 30 deltas. There had to be a hedge in case market goes lower and more long positions were added.
Indeed bought 90 deltas during the day and sold 20 deltas around 396,5 during the uptick late in the day after crossing MA20. Had to wait till 60 min MA50 around 400 but the bollinger band got lower than the stop level son enter long 3 at the bollinger band would not be possible if I wouldnt sell some deltas. 
So 20 deltas would be bought back if market touches lower bollinger band. Otherwise first target 40 deltas at MA50 and 30 deltas close to upper bollinger band.

The results are below:

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