Saturday, January 31, 2015

31/01/2015 update Oil and Siemens

The crude oil closed above the day ma20 as seen below.
The current setup is violated.I will close the position on 5 min ma50. It can very well happen that this was a manipulation as it happened just before the close.
I will keep calm and wathc the market behaviour.

The next strong level to sell is 50 day MA which is around 52,76 at the moment.
The recent high close to that level is 51.2. Might short in that region in case it is seen.

Siemens did not play well as well.The required bounce from the 50 day MA 50 did not happen yet as seen below.
Monday will be a test for the position.As seen in the weekly chart below, the price action of the past week was indeed very bearish and probably will test some levels below before bouncing back. Thus the probability of a successful trade is very little at the moment. 

It is a big test of management because previous bounces from day ma50 line happened when there was weakness in the weekly chart and follwing week a new bottom is put on the ma50.
This time weakness ended right on the MA50 , so the following bottom shall be lower at some point.

I should better reduce my position in case there will be an opportunity in the opening.

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