Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Intraday Strategy

1.5h /Day trend in the same direction.

2. Close to 5h or Day support with a candle formation for continuation of trend.

3. For long trades 60 min MACD not Overbought or not negative. It can be only negative to flat in the oversold region.

4. There should not be a strong trend in the 5 min chart against the direction of trade.

5.1 min turns positive.

Enter close to 5 min lower bollinger band and 5 min MACD oversold and turning positive.

Stop when the recent low is broken as a candle in the 5 min chart .

Exit 5 min counter band 70%.

Move the stop to entry.

Run the trade till the end of the day or 30 min counter bollinger band.

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