Monday, December 14, 2015

Positions reduced

I did what I should not have done and after trading patiently for 5-6 months again got frustrated about not getting the results I desire thus overtraded especially before during and after the ECB announcement where I had to stop EUR/NOK long at the 9.09 which bounced immediately up to 9.6.
Italian 10 y yield position also hit the stop at the 1,37 before the announcement  which juped up to 1,8 in few days.

Real frustration resulted in bad and overtrading and added to losses.

Now reduced my position to long term as shorter term trading proved to be nerv braking. I have to be patient and should get into the position which will not hurt if things go bad.

I will make a fresh start with the new year so I try to keep positive all year long and not try to make up the lost money.

It is a project and this year started bad went good and ended very bad.Next year will definitely be better.

Easy looking money is like the sharks in shallow waters ,I have to focus on real safe fish which taste good if cought and will not hurt you bad if bits.(Like a Sea Bass:)..)

Open positions and current result is below:

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