Thursday, June 5, 2014

05.06.2014 update

Brought the old guns back in the game.
Below is the screenshot of the mechanical system interface I designed during 2011-2012 with the help of an old colleague of mine.
Backtesting was the only missing part.

Well now I am building my new backtest backbone on this old one. Maybe it was like a wine waiting for the perfection to arrive :)

ISE made a big upswing almost hitting my stop. Well the American market moved substantially higher after the close so may be tomorrow I will have to exit the trade.

Crude oil broke below 102 briefly but failed to follow through and is  back above the support.Things look mixed and today's price action show a nice hammer.So it is the turn of bulls to try for a confirmation for an upmove.
And the current theoretical result is below:

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