Wednesday, June 4, 2014

04.06.2014 Update

It is easy to talk after one is successful. Does the luck parameter justifies one still has to be praised for his success?How to seperate luck from real hard work or real brilliance?

Why to seperate? These questions are in my mind nowadays. As mentioned before I do believe testing a system is a must but trading is about probabilities when it comes to real life.

One can very well do good without going through the hard work. I believe one can be really lucky and become a billionaire.

I guess I m thinking about these because I am not after the money in the first place but I want to succeed in this game. And I want to honestly acknowledge myself for my success. I want to feel that fullfilment.
And of course money and no need to work 55-60 hours a week would be the bonus.:)

Enough psychoanlyse.

My trades look very promising by now.

Crude oil followed through yesterday's close up as expected but failed at the end of the day and trading around the lows at the moment. Very strong bearish formation shooting star. I expect 102 to be broken by this price action tomorrow.

Istanbul Stock Exchange is continuing its bearish mood by closing on the lows. I expect to reach my 1st target.

Theoretical result of my trades can be seen below:
Lets see if I will be able to take some of the theoretical profits.

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