Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I have backtested some more instruments with System 1and my conclusion is that it works best on volitile markets which tend to trend around at least 10 % quite often.(havent made any calculation but plain observation).
Thus choppy markets are not working well like EUR USD.(expected result for a trend following sysyem)
This makes me quite sceptic about the oil trade.The oil chart is below:

And what better than the tech stocks.

When I checked the charts for the past few years for Facebook (easy to check) and Google(since 2012 looks very good candidate) quailfy for System1.
And they both had the signal recently.
So I got long on Facebook at 64 and Google at 566.
The daily charts are below.

The trade tracking table is below.Average historical loss for Tech stocks is estimated 5% before stop as there is no data at the moment to evaluate.

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