Friday, June 20, 2014


I have designed and tested System 2 for DAX .

Basically it is designed for sideways markets.
The signal for System 2 is triggered when the conditions of entry for System 1 has to be not in place when the market is within 3%of the upper or lower 50 day 2 st dev bollinger bands.

Exit 40% at Ma 50 and, 40 % within 3% of the counter band.Rest 20% is when the counter trade conditions appear.(System 2 short trade exit when System 2 long signal happens or System 1 long signal happens)
Stop when the direction of the trade is violated by System 1 setup or market breaks above or below the bollinger band with 1.5% on the daily close against the trade direction.

The current positions and new added positions are below:

Oil is consolidating.

Facebook is consolidating.

Google is consolidating.
 SAP  System 2 short.
Adidas System 2 Long.
Aegon System 2 Short.
 Current trade results are below:

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