Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update 10.07.2014

Have been on vacation past 1 week.
Closed all my open positions with 0 or little profit as Crude oil broke below my entry level.
Google was close to the entry level but I took some profit around 585.
I want to concentrate fully on the revised version of the Systems.

Developed a system for 60 min chart in AEX for shorter term trading.

Waiting for a counter opportunity for the DAX in the man long term system.. The market was in the trend mood and if the daily MA20 crosses MA50 to the downside, which I believe it will, and the market will be within the lower band, there will be a counter long opportunity next week.

60 min trading is also based on counter trades on AEX and bollinger bands.
It has passed the test phase but I will share the whole details in the following posts.

The Main idea:
Enter counter on bollinger bands.
Exit on MA20 , MA50 and close to the counter bollinger bands.

The protections and revisions when strong trending markets will follow up.

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